For the Institute for Social Renewal, the art of conscious conversation is a powerful process of being awake and fully conscious of where we stand in relationship to others, ourselves and the greater whole.

Today, on many levels, we are experiencing an unraveling of relationships and ecosystems — economic, political, social and ecological.  We have become disconnected from each other and nature. Almost a hundred years ago, Austrian philosopher and social reformer Rudolf Steiner saw that with our evolving self-development, we would increasingly lose our social instincts, becoming isolated and strangers to one another.

We recognize this time in history as one of tremendous change and uncertainty — the letting go of the old and the new just coming into being, yet still unclear. As a society we are at a crossroads related to the fundamental basis of our work and sense of direction — do we work from self-interest or concern for the well-being of others?

Today we are observing new economic forms based on collaboration and interest in others in the areas of finance, trade, agriculture, land trusts and social movements. A new field of social technology and art of conversation has emerged that encourages going beyond self-interest to developing interest, appreciation, collaboration and greater understanding in our relationships in our cultural, economic and political life.

The art of conscious conversation allows us to hold the paradox of the extreme consequences of our disconnection to nature and each other with the gratitude, joy and vision of a world that is co-creative and connected to a deeper sense of our humanity.

In our work with the Institute of Social Renewal, we believe in the power of creativity and imagination to create new social forms that activate, inspire and sustain individuals and communities in service to the healing of society and the Earth.